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TGB Scooters are Coast-to-Coast Certified to assure you of the quality and reliability.  We tested the TGB scooters by riding three of them from New York to Los Angeles.  It took 11-days, but we finished without a single mechanical failure. You can read about this historic cross country trip by clicking here.
TGB Hornet 49cc Scooter TGB Laser 303R Scooter TGB Delivery Scooter

TGB 101S Adventure Series™
The TGB 101S is a high-quality scooter designed to last a long time and be easy to ride. This scooter comes standard with a front disc brake, Adventure Series™ Luggage Rack and Grill Guard, performance suspension and room for two. Click here for more info.

TGB 303R Laser
The TGB 303R Laser comes with aluminum wheels, sporty graphics, front disc brake, High-Performance CVT auto transmission and a large comfortable seat with room for two. The 303R comes with a 49cc or 151cc engine. Click here for more info.

TGB Delivery™ Scooter
The TGB Delivery Scooter is designed for commercial use. The Delivery™ is perfect for delivering pizzas, take-out food, letters, packages, and more. The rear box has an optional built-in heater to keep food warm.   Click here for more info.

Cobra is the Official USA Distributor for TGB scooters. Click here to learn more about TGB.
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